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The North Shore Vintage and Classic Car Club is managed by an elected committee comprising a wide range of business, financial and practical experience. We are financially secure and are committed to a long-term strategic plan to improve all aspects of our facilities, member benefits and community relationships and support.

Each June we hold a formal Annual General Meeting to elect the committee who are responsible for the management of all aspects of the club and ensuring that we abide by our constitution and rules. The current committee and other appointed club officers are listed below: 


Club Committee

Chairman: John Higham 09-478-7973

Vice Chairman: Terry Flude: 021 958 678

Secretary: Maurice Whitham 09-627-0310 or 027-296-9293

Treasurer: Ross Moon 09-426-1508 or 022 426 1508

Club Delegate: Tony Sparkes  09-473-5872 or 027-499-5588

Club Captain: John Castle 09-4794135


James Liu: 021-0274-4158

Barb Stubbs: 0274-938-195

Richard Lloyd: 09-420-5048 or 027-483-2898

Arnold Van Zon: 09 473 5750 or 027 2765336

Andrew Lunt: 027 499 6803

Stuart Battersby 022-471-2759


Members’ Garage Manager: Kevin Lord 09-413 9157

Welfare Officer: Brian Bisset 09-554 1740

Librarian: Kevin Benseman 022 678 5629

Beaded Wheels Correspondent: Richard Bampton 09-947 3042

Magazine Editor:  Stuart Battersby: 022 471 2759

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